In Georgia if you are going to settle with the insurance company for the driver who hit you, you want to make sure that you only sign a Georgia Limited Liability Release instead of a general release so that your rights to go after your Georgia uninsured motorist coverage is preserved.

Under a Limited Release you are releasing the option of taking the persons own money, car, house but you are getting their full insurance policy limits and can still recover from your Uninsured Motorist Coverage. If you sign a General Release then you are basically agreeing to give up the right to pursue any other policies such as your own uninsured motorist.

If you have uninsured motorist coverage and you attempt to handle your own claim without legal representation you may find yourself defending against YOUR OWN insurance company, especially if you the value of your claim is high and liability may not be crystal clear.

Bottom line is if you are dealing with uninsured motorist issues, it would be unwise to proceed on your own. There are just too many traps and the law has shifted considerably in the last two years alone. Another pitfall example is if you and your wife are both injured but one of you has injuries that exceed the limits of the at-fault party; the insurance company will want you to sign a joint release. Do NOT do that! Doing that could prevent the more injured spouse from filing a claim against your own UM policy.

Remember the insurance company deals with tens of thousands of claims per year while you may only have one claim in ten years. Who do you think has the advantage? Even the odds and hire an attorney!