Mobile App Records Police During Drunken-driving Stops and Will Call Lawyer For You Automatically

A fledgling smartphone application could put lawyers in contact with potential clients in drunken-driving cases almost before they are ticketed.

Known as the Duey Dialer, it allows a driver to activate audio recording of a traffic stop at the touch of a button.  The app also automatically contacts an attorney with drunken-driving expertise if it is not turned off.

“If within 45 minutes you have not stopped it, it presumes you no longer have access to that device and therefore it will send the information automatically,” Delgado, the app developer, states,  “Where you were, ‘cause obviously where you were may not be where you live; who you are; your contact information; and then all the recording that took place.”

The app reportedly works in six states and on Android phones only, but Delgado hopes to expand it. He hopes to develop another app focused on drivers pulled over for speeding.