Starting soon may not have to be a lawyer to practice law

Seven people have cleared a major hurdle to become the nation’s first limited license legal technicians.

Nine people took Washington state’s first exam for limited license legal technicians, and seven of them passed, according to LawSites by Robert Ambrogi, who wrote about Washington state’s new program for the ABA Journal.

Washington is the first state with a program to allow limited license legal technicians to help litigants prepare legal documents and provide advice on legal procedures without a lawyer’s supervision. The seven applicants passed a test to work in domestic relations, the first practice area open to technicians in Washington’s program.

The seven people will still have to show they have insurance and 3,000 hours of supervised experience. A licensing fee and trust account reporting are also required.

Among those who passed is Michelle Cummings, who was featured in Ambrogi’s ABA Journal article. She told Ambrogi she planned to work to work at a two-lawyer law firm in Auburn, Washington.