DirectTV Still Targeting Nail Salons (Part 2)

If you own a nail salon you may find yourself visited by an “undercover” patron.  The undercover patron will be secretly filming your salon, especially your television in order to determine if you have a cable box which allows you access to DirecTv without first obtaining a commercial account.  Many nail shop owners move their residential box to the salon or unknowingly purchase a residential account from an installer.

A couple of months ago we posted a blog about this topic and received a lot of calls from nail salon owners who received letters from DirecTv’s attorney.  The attorney will threaten the nail shop owner with penalties based on statutory damages under § 605(e)(3)(C), which provides for damages of not less than $1,000 and not more than $10,000 for violations of Cable Act which protects cable providers from unauthorized interception of their signals.

The owner of the shop calls the number on the letter and is harassed into sending thousands of dollars or risk going to court.  JOHN LAW FIRM P.C. is currently representing nail salons who find themselves in this predicament.  To date, our DirecTV has not been able to collect one dollar from our clients because we vigorously challenge DirecTV’s claims.  To date DirecTV has been unwilling to take our clients to court for fear of losing and setting precedent.

DirecTV’s attorney would rather prey on nail shop owners who are unrepresented by an attorney because they know they do not have the law on their side.  They can use fear and pressure nail shop owners into paying them thousands of dollars rather than take a risk of losing in court against JOHN LAW FIRM P.C. and our clients.

Do not go up against DirecTV alone!  If you do not hire us to represent you then you should hire someone.