Do I need a personal injury attorney if I am at fault for an accident?

Have you seen a billboard or a TV commercial advertising the services of a Personal Injury Attorney lately?  Many of them have catchy slogans that play back in your mind over and over the name of the law firm on the day that you have a car accident.  The big law firms spend millions on marketing so that you remember their name.  They want you to call if you were injured in an accident but if you were at fault for the accident then those attorneys will drop you like a lead weight.

But what if you were injured in the accident but received a ticket?  Can you still collect on your personal injury?  Well, all the big law firms will tell you that they cannot help you because you can only collect if you were not at fault.  For the most part if you were at fault for an automobile accident then it is true that you cannot collect on your personal injury, however, if you were severely injured in the accident then you may have a valid claim even if you were issued the ticket for the accident.

This may sound confusing because essentially you can collect money for injuries that were the result of your own negligence and can collect that money from the other driver who may not have even caused the accident.  This sounds crazy but in certain circumstances this can happen if you have severe injuries such as a broken bone or injuries that require surgery.  If you find yourself in this situation then you need an experienced attorney who understands Automobile Insurance Law.

At JOHN LAW FIRM, we have been successful in obtaining settlements in excess of $100,000 for clients who were found to be at fault for the car accident that caused their injures.  The insurance company adjuster who handled the claim laughed when we told him that he would pay the policy limits.  But only a few week later he was asking us where to send the check.  JOHN LAW FIRM may not be one of those names that you see everywhere or will even remember, but when you need an attorney to handle your personal injury claim you might want to consider calling a Law Firm that won’t drop you if the going gets tough.