Don’t talk to the insurance companies after an accident

After a car accident, do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company of the person who hit you or your own insurance company without first speaking with an attorney. When you speak to any insurance company about an auto accident they do and will record your conversation and will and do use your statements against you to place liability of the accident on YOU. The reason for this is so they don’t have to pay. If it’s your fault then you cannot claim losses your bodily injuries. Saying the wrong thing can prevent you from having a fair adjustment to your claim as you may not receive 100% of your settlement that is rightfully owed to you. More than 80% of people involved in a motor vehicle accident do not receive fair settlements. Insurance companies have a duty to fairly evaluate your claims but they do not always abide by their “lawful duty”.

Remember that insurance companies have lawyers on staff that represent the other driver that injured you. So if the driver who hurt you has an attorney, paid for by his insurance company, then doesn’t make sense that you should have an attorney too? PLOEG & BROWN P.C. has handled 1000’s of personal injury cases over the years. We even have former insurance adjusters on staff who are more than familiar with how the insurance companies operate. Don’t make the mistake of handling your personal injury claim on your own.

Recently, a very nice young man came to our office for help after he tried to “handle his own claim”. He did not want to hire an attorney because he thought he could keep more of the settlement if he did not have to pay an attorney to handle his claim. He was injured while making a left hand turn on a green arrow. The other driver went through a red light but told the police offer he had a green light. The police officer did not know who was at fault so no one received a ticket. He suffered a serious injury, unfortunately, he gave a recorded statement to the insurance company of the other driver. They placed liability on him and denied his claim because he said the wrong thing in his recorded statement. If he had just come to us first we would have never allowed him to make this common mistake.

Protect your statement after a car accident – even from your own insurance company – or your statement will be used against you.

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