Contract law principles are basic yet complex. A good contract will protect you later when there is a dispute or problem, but a bad contract will leave you without options. Every day you enter into contracts whether you realize it or not. Just going to the store and buying a soda is entering into a contract. Some contracts are complex and some are formed with a “hand shake”.

At the PLOEG & BROWN we can review your contracts or create new ones based on your needs. We can provide you with “Buy Sell Agreements”, “employment contracts”, Real Estate Contracts, etc. Don’t enter into an agreement without a written contract because most times people don’t remember what they agreed to later. The contract is the perfect way to avoid disagreements because it is all in writing.

If you enter into a contract with someone and they don’t do what they are supposed to then you will need an attorney to represent you. It is unfortunate that people try to take advantage of your hard work by not paying you what they agreed to owe you. The PLOEG & BROWN P.C. believes in standing up for what is right and fair and not letting people take advantage of you. The PLOEG & BROWN staff can provide you the aggressive legal assistance that you need to pursue your goals. Our attorneys are dedicated to meeting the unique legal needs of our clients whether their case can be settled or a jury trial is required. We back down from no one and handle a broad range of contract dispute cases. Whether you are an experienced business person or you are new to this country the PLOEG & BROWN will help you resolve your contract disputes.