The first moments and days after an accident are the most crucial. Everything you say will be recorded by the police and the insurance company with the sole purpose of placing blame on you. Not only will you suffer property damage and personal injury but you yourself may be the defendant in a civil case if the insurance company finds that you are liable for the accident. The best thing you can do is hire an attorney to represent you and do not make a statement.

Do NOT speak with the Insurance Company about what happened or you may suffer financially. Many people who find themselves in an accident “feel fine” and they do not seek medical treatment. This is a mistake. Your body will suffer injury in an accident whether you are aware of the injury or not. The force of the impact will shock your body and can cause damage to your spine and other parts of your body. If you do not seek treatment you will have no proof that you were injured.

Keep in mind that the Insurance Companies make billions of profit each year by NOT paying out claims. If you attempt to deal directly with the insurance company on your own you will be dealing with experienced adjusters who have handled thousands of claims and they will exploit everything you say so they do not have to pay you. When you finally give up and hire an attorney most times the damage is done and you will not collect the settlement you deserve.

At the PLOEG & BROWN P.C. we have experienced former Insurance Adjusters who will analyze your case. Since they used to be “on the other side” they know the Insurance Companies handbook. The insurance companies will have to pay out the full amount you deserve because we will use their own handbook against them. It is important to seek legal counsel immediately after the accident. Anything that you say wrong will reduce your settlement dramatically.

Here at PLOEG & BROWN P.C., we have dedicated professionals who are passionate in their fight to even the playing field for injured victims who are faced with the daunting task of going against insurance companies who have a limitless resources. Our talented attorneys are backed by a staff of professionals who have spent half of their careers working for insurance companies. Previous Claims Adjusters and Claims Managers on our team bring a special set of skills that are specific to the insurance industry. This inside knowledge and experience provide PLOEG & BROWN P.C. with a distinct advantage over other Law Firms at helping injured victims maximize their recovery.

A big mistake that some of our clients make was to hire one of those “billboard” lawyers to represent them. Those lawyers DO NOT file suit against insurance companies and the insurance companies know this so they offer reduced settlements. Insurance companies respect lawyers who are willing to litigate cases. At PLOEG & BROWN P.C. we will fight for you in court if the insurance company does not pay you what you are entitled too.

Our commitment to our mission is reflected in our success at obtaining referrals from clients that we have helped in the past. The majority of our business comes from friends and families of people who are happy with the results that we produce. We take great pride in that distinction. We believe the key to success is to focus on our clients. We’ll leave the catchy slogans and television commercials to “those other guys”.