For a variety of reasons taxpayers end up owing the IRS. Getting that first letter from the IRS that you owe them is a frightening experience. Many taxpayers are startled by the amount owed and often they make the mistake of ignoring the letter. Eventually the IRS will put a lien on their property and send a Notice of Intent to Levy. This situation can be a nightmare especially when you find that the IRS emptied your bank account and garnished your paycheck. If you ever tried to deal directly with the IRS you would know that it requires hours on the phone on hold and a sea of paperwork and forms which will only be returned if anything is missing or filled out incorrectly.

The PLOEG & BROWN P.C. can work directly with the IRS to resolve your tax issues. Our staff has IRS licensed Enrolled Agents who are trained by the IRS and Attorneys licensed to practice in the United State Tax Court and the United States Court of Appeals. Our first approach is to challenge whether you even owe the money. We will apply your facts to the tax code and search for all possible defenses including relief from the tax liability if you qualify.

If you find yourself a target of the IRS let us represent you in front of the IRS so that you can have “piece of mind.”