Workers Compensation Benefits were established for workers who became injured at work but did not have the resources to sue their employer for their injuries. Most persons would not be able to pay their bills while waiting to settle a lawsuit that could take years to conclude. For this reason, workers have the option to forego a lawsuit and claim Workers Compensation Benefits. Employers with more than three employees are required to have Workers Compensation Insurance. This insurance will pay you almost immediately after you are injured so that you can have money to pay your bills.

If you are injured at work you must report your injury to your supervisor immediately. Sometimes your injury may be work related but your condition developed over time. These types of injuries are usually caused by work related stress or repetitive movements. Generally you have one year to report your injuries once you become aware that your injury is work related.

When you report your injury, your employer must file a report with the Workers Compensation Board. This report gives your employer the opportunity to agree that your injury is work related or deny that it is work related. At this point, you will either receive weekly benefits and have your medical bills paid by Workers Compensation Insurance or your employer will deny these benefits which leaves you will an injury that could prevent you from working and cause you to not receive the medical treatment that you need.

Do not attempt to handle your Workers Compensation Claim on your own. You will have to deal with trained insurance adjusters who will try to find a reason to deny your claim. Most times, workers are denied their claim simply by saying the wrong things to the adjuster. The adjuster works for the insurance company that is paid by your employer. If your employer does not agree that your injury is work related then he can instruct the insurance company not to pay you.

You may find yourself in a tough situation if your employer refuses to accept liability for your injury. You may be terminated from your job and find yourself unable to find work due to your injury. You should consult with an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney immediately so that your attorney can provide evidence that your injury is work related and get you the benefits you need to pay your bills and recover from your injuries. Your attorney can request a Hearing in front of an administrative judge who will review the evidence presented regarding your injury and then make a determination about your case.

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