“Knowledge is Power”.  We’ve all heard that before.  Not knowing this might not kill you.  Knowing this, however, will guarantee to save you A LOT OFMUCHO MONEY.

“Diminished Value”, ever heard of it?  Most people have no clue as to what this is until they get into a car accident.  

Worst case scenario, you are driving along and “BAMMM”!!!  You just got rear-ended.  You’re lucky that you are not at-fault for the collision.  Assuming the person who crashed into you is insured, their insurance company will pay to get your car repaired.  You get your car back from the repair shop and it looks just as good as new.  It’s ALL GOOD right?  Not so fast…You just lost money!!!

Even though the repairs are immaculate, your beautiful ride is not the same.  It will never be the same.  Your car now has a “history” of being in a collision.  This means your car is not worth as much as it did before you got hit.  This loss in value is called diminished value, and insurance companies save a ton of money at your expense because you, like most people, don’t know how to get back this “loss in value”.

If you ever get into an auto-collision, you can be assured that John Law Firm will get you compensated for every penny you deserve as a result of your injuries AND get you back the diminished value of your car.

As a service to ALL our clients who are involved in an auto-injury claim, John Law Firm will not let insurance companies get away without PAYING YOU BACK for the diminished value of your car.  How much is the diminished value?  A lot depends on the value of your vehicle but typically we are able to get the insurance company to pay $1,500 – $2,000.  If you ask the insurance company for diminished value they might offer $200 – $300.  To get the REAL value you would need the help of an experienced attorney who works with experts to prove that your vehicle’s lost value is much higher.

When you get into a wreck you need to find an attorney who can maximize your claim by using every means possible.  Don’t settle for less!