Many clients who were involved in an automobile accident want to know what their case is worth.  That is the 64 million dollar question.  There are various reasons to ask this question but the main reason is that the client is shopping around for an attorney and wants to hire an attorney that will get them the most money.  The truth of the matter is; if an attorney gives a prospective client an amount which represents the value of the case then you should NOT hire that attorney.  Why?  Because if you are injured in an automobile accident then you are entitled to be “made whole”.  This means that you are entitled to have your car repaired or replaced, receive the cost of medical treatment, and be compensated for your pain and suffering.

The fact is that attorneys are not doctors.  Since most of the value of the client’s claim rests upon the extent of his/her physical injuries then how is an attorney able to determine the value of the case if the client is not qualified to determine the extent of the injuries?  For example; the client might be sore and stiff from the accident and seek treatment from a chiropractor.  This would be a “soft tissue” injury, which has a lower value than most other injuries.  But then, the chiropractor discovers that the client has a herniated disc and will have to be treated by an orthopedic surgeon.  The orthopedic surgeon determines that surgery is required to correct the issue.  Now the value of the case if worth 10 times more.  The lawyer and client are very excited and see dollar signs.

Now the bad news!  The insurance company still denies the claim, defending their denial on the fact that the client was involved in a much worse accident only two months prior but did not treat for that accident because the client was at fault for the first accident and therefore was not entitled to damages. The insurance company now has a strong basis to deny the claim or offer a low settlement amount.  The poor attorney only finds this out after he retains the client who signed up because the attorney told the client what his claim was worth.  Now he has to settle the claim for considerably less than what he told the client to expect.  Who looks foolish now?

The ONLY reason an attorney will give you the value of the case is to get you to sign the retainer.  An experienced and ethical attorney never “guesses” at what a case is worth since  there are many variables on which the case will turn.    A good attorney will:

  1. Tell you that he/she will do everything within abilities and experience to get you every dollar for which you are entitled.
  2. Fight all the way for you and will represent you zealously.

At JOHN LAW FIRM P.C. we will evaluate your case based on the facts and if we determine that you are entitled to be compensated for your injury then we will not rest until you are made whole.  Statistically, 90% of our clients come from referrals of our former clients who were very satisfied with the results of our services and the amount of their settlements on their personal injury claim.  We never tell clients what their case is worth but we do deliver on our promise to provide them with the finest legal representation around and our results speak for itself.